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Ready to participate?

Our classes and workshops have now been updated. Please click on the schedule below to download the full schedule.  You can also see our online schedule by  visiting our class page. We look forward to seeing you!


Open Workshop*: Includes use of our facilities for your costume building needs. Our Open Workshop is free to the public. We have tool and machine rentals if you need them or you can bring your own tools.

Workshop Memberships*: We also offer Workshop Memberships that include perks such as priority workshop use (in the event our workshop is full, members get priority to use the facility over non-members), use of our tools without their rental fees, and access to storage. Workshop Memberships are $40 a month. Participants must bring their own costume materials. Additional tools or materials can be purchased.

*All participants in our workshop, whether members or non-members, must sign our waiver and safety agreement forms. If under 18, forms must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Tool and Machine Rentals: If you need a specific tool or machine while using the open workshop and do not wish to purchase one, the following tools and machines are available for rent: heat gun - $5, sander - $5 (includes sandpaper), rotary tool - $5 (includes accessories), sewing machine** - $10 (includes available thread, feet, and needles), serger** - $20 (includes available serger thread, feet, and needles)

 **Customer must know how to use sewing machine/serger or be assisted by one of our experts.

Storage: All Workshop members have access to storage for their builds in our loft. Storage bin fee is $25 and includes an industrial bin for your items that is yours to keep, as well as a month’s worth of storage.

Sewing Sessions*

Sewing 101: An introduction to sewing basics, including how to thread and operate a sewing machine, basic stitches, tension, and fabric basics. Cost is $30 a session. Includes use of machine and materials.

Patterning Session: Need help patterning a specific costume? This is the service for you! Cost is $30 a session and includes all patterning materials and services. Let our experienced instructor teach you some patterning basics and custom fit a costume pattern just for you!

Intermediate Sewing Session: You have your costume pattern, but now what? Need some guidance on complex sewing techniques beyond the basics for your costume? This is the class for you. Cost is $20 a session and includes use of machine. Students must bring their own fabric and materials.

*All Sewing Sessions are available through appointment only on the days specified on the calendar. If our time slots do not work with your schedule, ask us about alternative availability.

Other Sewing Services

Alterations: Just Cos offers alterations on costume and clothing garments. Prices vary based on individual garment.

Costume Repairs: Just Cos offers repairs on costumes. Prices vary based on repair complexity. Some costumes will not be repairable, but our experts will evaluate your costume to see if it is a candidate for repair.

Body Measurements: Just Cos offers full body measurements for $5. You will receive a chart with all of your measurements for garment making use.

Worbla Classes**

Worbla 101: An introduction to Worbla, including shaping techniques, uses with craft foam, heat gun safety, and useful sculpting techniques and tools. Cost is $30 and includes your own Worbla and craft foam to build with. Heat guns, shaping tools, scissors, and other necessary tools are provided.

Armor and Prop Patterning Session: Need to learn how to pattern your armor or a prop for your specific cosplay? This is the class for you. Cost is $30 and includes patterning materials for your armor or prop.

Armor and Prop Building Session: Now that you have your armor or prop patterns, you will need to build your cosplay item. Need some guidance on specific armor building techniques? This is the class for you. Cost is $25. Students must bring their own materials, such as Worbla and craft foam. Heat guns, sculpting tools, and scissors are available to use upon request.

**Armor and Prop Building techniques are Worbla- and EVA foam-based and do not include resin casting because of the potential danger of chemical fumes involved. All customers participating in Worbla classes must sign our safety protocol and waiver sheets before participating. Customers under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign for them. Worbla Sessions are available through appointment only on the time slots specified on the calendar. If our time slots do not work with your schedule, ask us about alternative availability.

Wig Sessions***

Wigs 101: An introduction to wig care and wig styling basics, including wig cutting, wig tools and products, and various styling and dyeing methods.

Wig Styling Session: Need to style a specific wig? Come in for one of our Wig Styling Sessions! Cost varies based on wig styling complexity. Materials not included.

Wig Dyeing Session: Can’t find the right color of wig for your cosplay? No worries! Let one of our wig experts show you how to achieve the perfect color for your wig! Cost is $20. Materials included.

***Wig Sessions are available through appointment only on the time slots specified on our calendar. If our time slots do not work with your schedule, ask us about alternative availability.